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Community Conversations

There are a lot of elements that help contribute to making a community what it is, but it’s the people who make it entirely unique and ever-evolving. They bring forth ideas, stories and attitudes that shape it into something special that draws others back for more.

We have been spending some time to get to know those that have shaped our community – from the local business owners and neighbours to the artists, apiarists, place makers and architects.

There is no limit to the number of conversations one can have, so this is list is ever-growing too (just like our community!):

Chit chat with Hannah Murphy founder of Label Pig

Five minutes with Samantha Ogilvie to find the perfect fit

In conversation with Gerwyn Davies

bassike going big for the environment

A studio gallery success story: Meet Kerry Armstrong

Chat with Anna Baird: The brains behind Bared Footwear

Get to know Cantinho: Chat with Michael Hatzifotis

Chit Chat: Shannon Thomas behind Désodre

Cru Cellar Chat with Ben Boscoe

Host with the M.O.S.T. – Chit Chat with Georgette Bunn

A Designer Rugs Discussion – Community, Collection and Change

Lee Mathews – The Label, The Artist

A Bistro, A Bar and A Book with Johnny Moubarak

Meet Olympian and Fitness Guru Olia Burtaev

Hotel Chat with Leanne Ellams

Behind the Scenes with Anna Spiro and Designer Rugs

Chit Chat with Amy Jean Brow Agency

Word on the Street with Damien Horan of Assembly Label

Up Close with St Agni Co-Founder and All Rounder Lara Fell

Jardan’s Journey with Nick Garnham and Renee Brown

M.A.C Chat with Hayley Edgar

Eyes on Mike Makras of Optiko

Meet the Designer with Laundry of Pure Silk, Katie Kolondinski

In Conversation with Designer Gail Sorronda

Chit Chat with the Cool Guys Behind Twin Palms Barbershop

A Chit Chait with sAme sAme Founders Tyron Simon and Bianca Marchi

10 Years of Calexico with Founder Nicky Charman

Meet Mark Cotterell Master Jeweller

A Conversation with Samantha Ogilvie

2 Minutes with Designers Natasha and Alex Chipman of Natasha Schweitzer

One-on-one with Lyla Clare

Place: Richards and Spence | A conversation with Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence

Artist, Architectural Illustrator and Long-term local | A conversation with Jane Grealy

Fashion Designer, Lecturer and Former Co-Owner of Easter Pearson | A conversation with Lydia Pearson

Placemakers | A Conversation with Michael and Cal Malouf

Artist | A Conversation with Sam Cranstoun

Apiarist | A Conversation with Jack Stone

Chit Chat with Hannah Murphy Founder of Label Pig


Posted on

January 15, 2023