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Host with the M.O.S.T. – Chit Chat with Georgette Bunn

Nestled in the lobby of The Calile Hotel is a gift shop called Museum of Small Things. Affectionately known as M.O.S.T., this store is not your average hotel shop (no snow globes here) – it’s filled with a considered selection and ever-evolving mix of fashion collections, beauty remedies and beautiful objects by local designers.

The creative mind behind the store’s offering is curator Rebecca (Bec) Malouf and her right-hand woman is Georgette Bunn, who oversees all things M.O.S.T. on a daily basis.

We spoke with Georgette about the shop’s two-year journey (and counting!), what makes something MOST-worthy, her top gift picks and supporting local creatives.


What is your title at Museum of Small Things (M.O.S.T.)?

When I was little the question ‘what do you want to be when your older?’ always received the same answer; Boss. However, my position as Store Manager of M.O.S.T. is not so ordinary. Between myself, our Curator Bec Malouf (who is also my aunty!) and two close friends as sales assistants, M.O.S.T. is a highly collaborative and loving environment.


How long have you worked at M.O.S.T.?

I have worked at M.O.S.T. since it opened, so just over two years now.


How did the vision for M.O.S.T. come about?

Bec’s inspiration was to “create a space that speaks to The Calile Hotel’s manner but has its own personality”. The aim was to create an offering of beautiful, well-designed yet simple pieces.

M.O.S.T. is a go-to gift location for locals and a place for hotel guests and travellers to find treasures for friends and family, mementos for themselves and items they may need during their stay at The Calile.


A stockist of what’s cool, the store heroes a range of interesting things which elicit an “I need this” or “this would be perfect for” auto-response – can you tell us about the curation process? How do you seek out and determine what’s MOST-worthy?

The curation of the store is constantly changing and evolving. With Bec’s keen eye there are always new brands being welcomed into M.O.S.T. We follow three main rules to keep it on-brand:

  1. No ugly things
  2. Local, local, local
  3. Something for everyone; even that friend who has everything!


M.O.S.T. sits proudly in The Calile Hotel lobby and aligns with the hotel’s signature aesthetic and ethos, but it also has its own personality and playful edge – describe the M.O.S.T personality in three words.

Curious, sophisticated, fresh.


What are your top M.O.S.T. gift picks that say, “I love you”, “thinking of you “and “Happy Birthday”?

I love you: perhaps a delicate By Charlotte Gold, Diamond Necklace, a sleek Leather Wallet by Blue & Grae, or maybe the Lovers Dozen by Jonny Condoms…who knows!

Thinking of you: a box of Calming Tea by Love Tea, a sleep-inducing Silk Pillowcase by Slip or nourishing and natural Body Balm by The Great State.

Happy Birthday: A Ridley’s Games Brain Teaser Quiz Card Set is a people pleaser no matter the age, Tom Summers Ceramic Vases are great for your artsy friend or my all-time favourite item in store, the Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil by ComB.


Taking a slice of paradise home, M.O.S.T.  provides visitors an opportunity to take home hotel branded merchandise – what Calile mementos are on offer?

M.O.S.T. stocks everything from The Calile Caps, T-shirts, Totes, Linen Robes, Slippers to the Boiler Suit worn by house-keeping staff.


M.O.S.T. showcases an ever-evolving selection of Australian brands – why is supporting local important to you?

Supporting local is something I practice in my everyday life – I think it is important to give back to the community around you. At M.O.S.T. we believe by showcasing emerging artists and creators, small-scale fashion labels and local production we can raise awareness for the talent Australia holds allowing our creative community to continue to flourish and thrive.


What’s next for M.O.S.T.?

There is always newness at M.O.S.T. from brands being welcomed weekly, to in-store meet and greets with designers. You will have to stay tuned via our Instagram @museumofsmallthings for the next big thing…

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February 10, 2021