Chit Chat with Hannah Murphy Founder of Label Pig

James Street spoke to Hannah Murphy founder of Label Pig about her love of fashion and her on-going passion to ensure beautiful clothes continue to be loved for generations. Label Pig is popping up this Up Late… this will be their seventh time popping up in James St.


What made you decide to launch Label Pig?

I have always loved fashion! I lived in London for 5 years and loved trolling the markets and vintage stores for designer pieces. Second hand and vintage stores are so common in Europe and it’s such a great way to get a unique and quality item. Working in fashion back in Australia there was still an element of disposability even when buying new and expensive designer pieces – wear them once or even one season then move on. Those items still have value and craftsmanship so I wanted a way to offer these pieces to others who may have missed them the first time around or the price point was too high. It extends the life and love for the garment – and someone gets a designer piece they coveted but maybe couldn’t afford at full price. It’s a win win for me!


Having spent so many years in fashion what is about pre-loved/ vintage clothing that you love? 

The sustainability of pre-loved/vintage clothing is very important to me, extending the life of a designer piece that would otherwise be forgotten at the back of a wardrobe brings me great joy and I love that it finds a new owner who loves and treasures it.

You never know what you are going to get with pre-loved/resale it’s a treasure hunt. Sometimes the fashion gods just smile on you – I’ve had a bride find a dress in Label Pig that was her perfect size – like it was made for her. That was a happy day indeed.


To date what have been the highlight experiences of Label Pig?

Probably my very first Pop Up at The Calile Hotel  3 years ago – I was terrified no one would come and I had people lined up outside, it was crazy busy! I am truly lucky to love what I do – I love meeting all the wonderful people who consign and buy from Label Pig.  I have been supported and encouraged so by so many people, I’m one lucky Pig!


Why is fashion so important to us? 

Fashion makes us feel good and allows us to express ourselves. It defines eras and people and is a reference point for our lives. It can be wearable art  – dark and beautiful, light and laughter, political or cerebral – or it can just be as simple as the perfect pair of jeans that make you feel a million bucks!


You spent 10 years working with iconic Australian label Easton Pearson….what did you learn in this time?

Fashion is hard work! Designers and their teams never stop, it’s a never-ending cycle. What you see in the shops has taken so many months and so many incredibly skilled people working very hard to get there. It’s important to honour this creativity and process and respect the end product.


Label Pig has become a wonderful conduit to connect community – did you ever see it this way? 

Not at all – but it’s been an amazing experience for me and beyond rewarding to be able to use Label Pig to rally support for wonderful local charities such as Suited for Success, Studio Thrifty Four, Pay A Sack Forward, RideWest and now GIVIT.

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March 3, 2022