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Chit Chit with Amy Jean Brow Agency

From London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney to James St, the international success of Amy Jean Brow Agency, is built on the philosophy, ‘no single brow shape fits all.” A sentiment, which befits how the brow agency treats every client, one-of-a-kind with the Amy Jean touch – something synonymous to founder Amy Jean Linnehan.

Established in 2004, Amy Jean’s love of all things brows and lashes is more prevalent than ever 16 years later. Still, it takes a team to transform brows the world over and Amy Jean Brow Agency is 28 talented brow artists strong.

We spoke with Amy Jean and her arch angel aka Queensland Director, Monique, about what sets the agency apart, the next big thing in brows, must-have beauty essentials to the highly contested (and enviable feat) who has the best brows of all time. Scroll down to find out more…


Tell us about how the vision for Amy Jean Brow Agency came about?

Our goal was to build a team of artistic talent from all parts of the globe, share our knowledge and be solely dedicated to the art of eyebrows and cosmetic tattoo.


What are the key components of an Amy Jean Brow Agency experience?

Our goal is to offer a sanctuary of spa like comforts and surroundings, whilst we perfect your brows. Our space is luxurious, comfortable, discrete and we pride ourselves on thorough communications in achieving your brow goals.


With six agencies across Australia, plus pop-up salons in London and Singapore, how do you retain the personal touch when growing the business?

It’s challenging, I wish I could personally treat everyone that supports our brand. Our clientele are in tune with how passionate we are to maintain consistency and high standards. Our artistic team are selected when their passion and dedication is aligned with ours. It’s an authenticity that shines through. Customers recognise that they are in safe hands no matter which artist they choose to see.


Amy Jean Brow Agency has created a range of eye care products, called the Amy Jean Privée Collection – what are three must-have items for the beauty cupboard?

During Covid, we saw a surge in demand for our AJ Dual Ended Tweezers and our home tinting kits. Thirdly, our tinted Brow gels “Amy Jean Brow Lacquer” seem to popular amongst all types of brows – it colours the hairs, sets the hairs into place and is waterproof.


What’s the next big thing in brows?

Growing them out to their full potential then “Misting” (tattooing) a soft wash of tattoo pigment beneath the hairs to create the desired shape as a subtle shadow. This way, there is less maintenance in terms of tweezing and you can skip filling in the gaps with products.


What do you love about what you do?

Being artists, the opportunity to create little masterpieces all day long!


In your opinion, who has the best brows of all time?

Everyone’s tastes are unique, but at the moment we have a huge appreciation for Camilla Belle and Lily Collins


If you could open an Amy Jean Brow Agency anywhere in the world, where would it be?



What are your words of wisdom for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

Know your talents and offer 1-2 services only. Refine your craft by dedicating yourself entirely to it. There’s no use being average at all facets of beauty when you become a trusted expert in one!

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September 16, 2020