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Meet Mark Cotterell Master Jeweller

Sitting with Mark Cotterell in his James Street jewellery studio, he beams as he recalls tales of couples sending photos from their special day. Happy couples will always be the most rewarding part of his work. A self-confessed “sucker for romance” it is no surprise his signature craftsman style is classic modern, with a romantic twist. Mark deals in the business of big grand gestures, and he loves it.

Having travelled across Australia for his craftsmanship, Mark and his studio Mark Cotterell Master Jeweller now reside on James Street. At 65 James Street (next door to Bespoked), the studio is a homage to all thing beautiful, bespoke and bold.

With over 40 years in the industry, Mark informs us that he is always learning. It takes year’s to perfect his craft, and Mark is always seeking new ways to create his own works of art. He is inspired by everything from architecture, cars, even fashion trends. Continually finding new ways to create has lead Mark to integrate modern techniques with those similar to the Egyptians thousands of years ago — something you can witness yourself when visiting his studio.

As Mark’s studio doubles as a boutique, the service is one-on-one. Customers are taken through the creation process every step of the way. Mark and his team know everything about each piece from the techniques involved, to where in Australia the metal is sourced and of course, the origin of the gems. Everything is of the highest quality, with the majority of his jewellery one-of-a-kind. Each piece is given love, attention and its very own name, so much so in fact, Mark tells us his colleague and friend Greg, who can also be found in the studio once spent two years crafting a necklace, for one lucky and VERY happy recipient.

Rest assured, most pieces do not take this long and Mark and his team, ensure their jewellery is always crafted and delivered on time.

Another speciality service offered by Mark Cotterell Master Jeweller is reimagined jewellery. Customers are encouraged to bring their family heirloom jewellery to the studio and chat with Mark, on how to give the piece a new lease on life. A true master in the business, Mark loves chatting all things jewellery and invites you to visit his studio, sit down, brainstorm and create a piece deserving of the special moment in your life.

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November 27, 2019