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Only James St Insiders Know…

Our bustling district is unique – the street is lined with large figs, boutique shopping, dining hotspots and two hotels. Like any place, there are a few things only insiders know about our special part of town – from complimentary parking to trivia nights and where to fill up your water bottle… Scroll down as we spill seven secrets:


  1. Dining Here

For the coveted weekend booking, get in early and if you’re planning a large group affair, check out the four private dining rooms and seven cabanas available at James St venues here. Alternatively, you can bypass the weekend and organise your next lunch or dinner date mid-week. ‘Wednesday Wine Night’ not only has a good ring to it but, the restaurant owners are often in-house on weekdays and available to strike up a good chat, over a great meal – dine like a local.


  1. Between the Lines

Convenient fact: when visiting boutiques on the ground level of The Calile Hotel you’re welcome to one-hour complimentary parking. For those dining at the in-house restaurants or keeping well at the spa or gymnasium, two-hour validated parking is available via the hotel’s reception near Lobby Bar.


  1. For Starters

OK, this is as secretive as it gets… the mouth-watering bread at Hellenika is created by James St Bakery – located within the James St Markets you can now indulge in THE bread anytime, anywhere.


  1. Re-fresher

For the love of our environment and a shopping pit-stop in mind, there is a water bubbler for bottle re-fills next to the marble stairs at Jocelyn’s Provisions.


  1. Once You See It, You Won’t Unsee It.

Did you know that the fountain in between St Barts, Tinderbox Kitchen and Harveys Bar + Bistro honours the history of the street? That’s right, once upon a time James St played home to a Coco-Cola factory – the outline of a traditional Coco-Cola bottle makes up the unique design of the structure.


  1. The Answer is C…

For word fiends, history buffs, those with an unparalleled ability to remember dates and love craft beer, watering hole Tipplers Tap host a Trivia Night every Thursday.


  1. Unassuming Gallery…

Street art is a defining aspect of our place. We have welcomed local and international artist to create unique pieces which have transformed James St into an unassuming gallery. Explore and go on a self-guided art tour here.


There’s a lot more to our place, so go on and get to know James St.

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January 25, 2021