Spoken like a true Coeliac

Gluten Free Dining on James St


If you’re all about the no gluten and feeling free diet this read is for you – whether it’s a lifestyle choice or an allergy, the following letter has been written by a true coeliac and regular James St diner.

Hi, hi!

I’m writing to you from James St with a gluten free (GF) avocado and toast from King Arthur Café in hand – my usual.

I’ve got coeliac disease – a gluten allergy – so no swigs of beer or casual croissants here. If you’re in the same position, you’d know that dining out can be hit or miss due to confusing GF menu identifiers, staff misunderstanding and fear of cross-contamination.  

It’s not all grim unless you’re talking about the Cape Grim rib fillet from The Standard Market Company…I digress – I dine out a lot (perhaps too much) and more often than not on James St, so I thought my ‘allergy allies’ might be interested in some juicy tips.

Hellenika: exceptional for allergies of all types! Each order docket has an itemised list for waiters to alert the chefs to dietary requirements – it’s not an afterthought, but a way of taking orders. As a side note, they do GF saganaki… HUGE.

Mosconi: many of the dishes are already GF or can be altered to accommodate – i.e., sauce or bread on the side. Go there often and Owner Mark Rotolone will remember your order *praise hands*.

BIÀNCA: the breads are out of the question, but majority of the antipasti is play on, so too the pasta (just ask), secondi and contorni. Again, ask the waiters or even the chefs if you’re perched up at the bar – their team is super knowledgeable and understand that you mightn’t be fluent in Italian. Ciao!

Gerard’s Bistro and Gerard’s Bar: Middle Eastern cuisine is notoriously GF friendly (yes Notorious GFF) for those avoiding gluten, and Head Chef Adam Wolfers goes above and beyond to accommodate allergy requests. Think crispy homemade crackers to replace Lebanese bread and individual servings of hummus and baba ganoush to avoid sneaky crumb contamination when dining out with friends.

A very big shout out to Cru Bar + Cellar, King Arthur Café, Lobby Bar, Harveys Bar + Bistro and James St Bakery who are tried, tested, safe and clearly list GF items on their menus.

Remember to list your allergy when placing a booking, remind the waiter on arrival and question everything. Trust our gut instinct – but most importantly don’t let it stop you enjoying the best of James St.

Please note, the above list is by no means the be all and end all to GF dining on James St but based on recent outings.

Anonymous Coeliac

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December 6, 2021