The drama of Sushi

Welcome to the SUSHI ROOM

The diversity of the James St dining scene has been steadily maturing for almost two decades now. Spanning cuisines, styles and flavours – the arrival of SUSHI ROOM on 14 June is set to expand the James St culinary repertoire even further.

SUSHI ROOM, the third and final restaurant to open within The Calile Hotel and Simon Glofits’ third in the hotel too (after Hellenika and SK Steak & Oyster) is promising traditional Japanese cuisine in a minimal, neo-futurist style space that leaves no doubt that the sushi chef is the main character.

The focus is on the chef and the food with the performance, the food preparation, and the art on the plate.

The theatre of cuisine is prioritised via cinematic lighting and with the performance taking place on a central stage comprising a “9.3 metre solid Japanese Hinoki timber counter floating in a pool of black limestone,” as described by Architect Adrian Spence of Richards & Spence.

Dramatic much? Yes, and we’re here for it. Glofits confirms, “SUSHI ROOM will offer diners a fresh new experience – a performance with the lead characters being the finest produce and service set within a minimal space ensuring a memorable Japanese dining event.”

Head Chef Shimpei Raikuni will deliver a sophisticated and intelligent menu that honours precise Japanese culinary traditions via uncompromisingly fresh Australian seafood and exceptional produce, starting with tuna, abalone, oysters, caviar and wagyu.

At Tokyo’s top sushi restaurants diners often let the chef decide on the menu and this is our SUSHI ROOM hot tip – go full omakase (chef’s recommendation) and let Raikuni san take you on a totally immersive experience.

SUSHI ROOM opening night is Tuesday 14 June and the bar bells are ringing as the performance is about to begin. Reserve your seat now.

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June 7, 2022