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Natasha Schweitzer launch Pre Fall '23

Anything the Chipman sisters touch turns to gold and the Pre Fall ’23 Natasha Schweitzer collection is no exception.

The highly anticipated range is officially launching this Saturday 10 June and you’re invited to attend. There will be a coffee cart – forget cake, we like diamonds with our flat white – and purchases will be packaged up with a NS branded tote.

To find out more about the new collection we spent 5-minutes with Natasha Chipman, Co Founder and Creative Director of Natasha Schweitzer for the lowdown.

What inspired the new collection? 

This collection we were inspired by the convergence between old-world jewellery and modern design and lifestyle. We wanted each piece to have an heirloom feel, like a vintage gemstone that your great grandmother left you, and you had re-set into a modern yet timeless piece of jewellery. We wanted each piece to feel slightly theatrical, while maintaining an elegance and simplicity that enables the wearer to style with every outfit, where one piece of jewellery could be worn with jeans or formally.

What stones feature? 

This season we are heavily focused on diamonds and gemstones in all different cuts and sizes. We have used everything from emeralds to tourmalines, with a focus on mint and lemon coloured quartz stones cut into brilliant pear shapes.

Are there any new chains that we should look out for?

We have a new chain available in a petite, medium and large size that is extremely versatile and wearable.

What is your favourite piece from the new collection? 

My favourite new season items would definitely be our bold gold linked chain worn with the puffy octagon attachment. Of course, our new diamond and emerald wrap ring is also a show-stopper that is on my wish list for the ultimate dress ring.





  • June 10, 2023
  • 9:00AM – 12:00PM


  • Shop 11, 19 James Street
  • Fortitude Valley