When in Rome

Biánca presents a SantoPalato take over

James St’s slice of Italy, Biánca, is set to welcome a takeover by one of Rome’s iconic culinary stars, Sarah Cicolini, Chef and owner of SantoPalato, on Thursday 8 June. SantoPalato is renowned for honing Roman classics with a modern spin, including the must-try yolky carbonara that put them on the map globally – even our lord and saviour Stanley Tucci rates it. High praise!

For their only Queensland dinner SantoPalato will take over Biánca to present a set menu showcasing a taste of Rome via Sarah’s iconic dishes. If that is not enough of a Roman Holiday, the menu will be paired with (and presented by) Giorgio de Maria Fun Wines with a focus on Lazio (Roma region) and Abruzzo (Sarah’s homeland). Choose from two pairing options,  #1 the ‘Dip your toe’ featuring more traditional natural wines or #2 the ‘Go wild’ for a full natural wine experience.

Secure your space now for one of two sittings on Thursday 8 June, at 5:00pm or 8:30PM here.





  • June 8, 2023
  • 5:00PM – 8:00PM or 8:30PM onwards


  • Shop AM5 Ada Lane, 46 James Street
  • Fortitude Valley