Nuanced Harmonious Considered

Sushi Room
Sushi Room presents an immersive journey into nuanced Japanese dining, nestled within an ambiance that pays homage to the evocative charm of mid-century Japanese pop culture. Here, the artistry of the sushi chef takes centre stage, reverently upholding the timeless traditions of Japanese culinary craftsmanship, thereby orchestrating a refined and contemplative dining affair.

Join us for lunch on Friday and Saturday or dinner on Tuesday - Saturday.

Experience the harmony and sophistication of Japanese cuisine in every meticulously prepared dish at Sushi Room.


      48, James Street
      Fortitude Valley

Trading Hours

      12:00 pm – Late – S
      5:30 pm – Late – M
      5:30 pm – Late – T
      5:30 pm – Late – W
      5:30 pm – Late – T
      12:00 pm – Late – F
      12:00 pm – Late – S