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Blackout in a Glasshouse by Jonathan Zawada

Night life and culture is a vital and important part of any thriving and creative community. ‘Blackout in a Glasshouse’ comments on the positive experiences that can only take place after dark. Highlighting the beauty and fragility of a (night)-culture that should be nurtured and encouraged to flourish.

‘Blackout in a Glasshouse’ takes the form of a black greenhouse-like structure that references the concept of preventing social interaction and isolating individuals when locking someone out (or in). Inside the cage-like structure is a lush landscape of blooming live flowers that exhibit UV qualities when lit with blacklight. Fed with tonic water and illuminated with UV, these fragile blooms are a comment on the beautiful and delicate nature of our nightlife.

Installed within the space is a network of CCTV cameras carefully watching and capturing every moment and detail of the fragile installation. This footage will be relayed to monitors throughout the precinct as a further comment on the scrutiny and authoritarian control ever more prevalent on our nightlife.

Jonathan Zawada and his partner Annie, will launch their work Thursday 13 October at RESORT AFTER DARK.


  • October 13 - October 15, 2016
  • 6pm


  • Harveys Carpark
  • Fortitude Valley


  • All are welcome!