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MCUL 2019 style inspiration – do it!


Metallic dresses, ruffle skirts, fringes, feathers and frills – look no further than the streets of New York, Paris, Milan and Copenhagen during fashion week for serious marie claire Up Late (MCUL) outfit inspiration. With MCUL just around the corner, fashion week street style is the perfect inspiration on what to wear and how to wear. Just like fashion week, our street style photographer will be out and about on James St capturing some of the best looks too. Take a look at our top five street style outfits…





Colourful tailoring

The suit is back baby! And, in 2019 it’s acceptable to wear a suit jacket whenever you see fit. Team it with jeans or chinos paired with a white ruffle blouse or with a tee and high waisted skirt, coloured tailoring pieces pack a punch and are totally appropriate for work, play and MCUL.




Something extra

From ruffles, tulle, pleats to embroidery, it’s time to show off garment craftsmanship! Let your heroic skirt (example only) sing by teaming it with something simple, like a basic tee, singlet or blouse and slip on a pair of sneakers, or strappy mule to achieve an effortlessly cool look. If you’re feeling daring, sport your detailed “bottoms” with an over-the-top shirt, keep the sneakers on and get set to make a fashionable statement – bolder is sometimes better



Forget the rulebook, throwing different shades of the same colour is very acceptable and encouraged for him and her! Not sure if your colours match? No stress, as long as they don’t clash, you’re onto a winner. Bonus points if you colour-match with your friend.


Prints with personality

Move over big logos, prints are taking over your wardrobe, thanks to their eye-catching power on both the catwalk and sidewalk. Our hot tip: bold prints CAN be worn with complimentary prints and textures. A printed silk shirt, with embroided suede loafers and classic black chinos is the perfect example –  note, the red loafers pick-up the red flowers in the shirt – it’s the little things…


Futuristic fashion

Embraced across the runways in both New York and Milan Fashion Week towards the end of 2018, expect to see high shine material, holographic shades or metal foil fabrics become a BIG and oh so shiny thing in 2019. Be ahead of the curve and play with metallic fabrics and holographic shades, whether it be in jewellery, bags, shoes, pants or dresses – it’s your time to shine at MCUL!


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March 19, 2019