Celebrate Valentines Day In A Not So Cliché Way...

Valentine’s Day on James Street

St. Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. Or is it? This is a question we constantly ask ourselves. Why is it that we only celebrate the loved ones in our life on one specified day? We think you should show your love all year round, so whether you are with the partner of your dreams, having a fun-fling or are #solo so #yolo, we have some great ideas to celebrate the most cliché day of the year in a not so cliché way.

Eat cheese – head to Gerard’s Bar after work and order the mother of all charcuterie boards. Whether you’re with your friends or lover, join forces to pick a personalised board of goodies. While you’re at it, grab the cocktail list and pick a signature cocktail that suits the personality of your dinner guest/s… ‘1x “Spring Fling” coming up’.

Catch a movie – watching a flick is the perfect ‘lazy’ option and Palace Centro Cinemas have an impressive lineup of movies for all to enjoy (whether that be a ‘chick flick’ or not). Partake in some seriously good snacks and lap up the luxury of their newly renovated cinemas. Take note: cheeky wines and beer are available.

Get a foot rub – book you and closest friends in for a spa session at The Thai Foot Spa. Perfect for groups of two to six, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to let your world dissolve into a calming and peaceful oasis.

Say yes to a Yiros – cheap Tuesday’s at The Yiros Shop just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Get your better half or friends and head on over for a Greek feast where you are guaranteed a cheap, chilled and cosy dinner.

Give a hint – it’s a gift, it’s hint… It’s a cookbook from Scrumptious Reads and it’s the perfect gift for that special someone if you enjoy dining in the comfort of your own home. Here’s hoping it results in your favourite dish being whipped up on the day or choose a recipe that you and your lover can cook together and turn the dreaded mid-week cook into an creative at home experience.



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February 9, 2017