Because double denim really is a thing...

Timeless Denim Three Ways!

There is a comfort in denim that comes with little other clothing.  The unrelenting nature of your favourite pair of jeans, the solace you take in a pair when the rest of your wardrobe has failed you, and the pair that keeps you warm during those long winter nights.  Denim becomes a second skin, and wearing them becomes second nature, which is why it’s worth the while investing in the perfect pair… Or hey… Why not a pair for every occasion?


Nothing peps up your winter wardrobe like a classic pair of coloured jeans.  We’re not talking fluoro pink, or raspberry red… We’re talking about denim that can be incorporated into your winter wardrobe with the subtly of a neutral – a pair of jeans that will bring just enough colour back into your life, without setting you back three decades to 1985.  A mustard pair of jeans brings together typical winter colours like black and charcoal, and these ‘SCENE BY SCENE’ corduroy and denim paneled jeans by sass & bide are just the right amount of bright.


Nothing says understated chic like a black pair of skinny jeans.  Black skinny’s are like your best friend – they’re always there when you need them, they always make sure you’re looking your best, and they have all your mood’s totally dialed.  These are the jeans that adapt to your lifestyle, and they’re ready to do what you want to do at all times.  Wanna roll incognito?  Team them with a pair of shades and a black tee.  Wanna stay classic?  Easy.  White tee, leather jacket, black boots.  Wanna go dancing?  Strap on a pair of heels, apply your red lippy and get ready to turn heads.  No matter what the occasion, black jeans are the cream of the crop, and the fairest of them all?  These Current Elliott ankle jeans from Camargue.


So they might only be called the ‘Boyfriend’ jeans because of their aesthetic, but is it really so wrong to actually treat them like your lover?  A jean that was once reserved for only the most daring of fashionistas, this trans-seasonal jean has now unsurprisingly made it to wardrobe staple status by even the most reserved of women.  Our personal fave?  We can’t go past this FRAME Le Garcon pair from Samantha Ogilvie.

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June 4, 2014