Steak or oyster?

This is SK Steak and Oyster

Steak or oyster? It is a tough and sometimes highly contested question, though, in our books, there is no right or wrong answer. Both dishes are mouth-watering and deserving of being a hero on any given menu – menu heroes, they will be at SK Steak and Oyster.

The latest restaurant set to call The Calile home from Wednesday 18 December, SK Steak and Oyster, is being heralded as not a just a steak restaurant but a classic grille.

Founded by Simon Gloftis and Theo Kampolis of Hellenika, and Head Chef Kelvin Andrews, diners can expect something truly special; from the service, cuisine and drinks, to space on the ground level of The Calile.

With the opening just around the corner, we spoke with Simon to chat all things SK Steak and Oyster.


What’s the inspiration behind SK Steak and Oyster?

I always want to create restaurants I want to sit in. It’s not a steak restaurant, it’s a classic grille offering all of my favourite dishes. I’m not trying to create an American steakhouse; however, I’ve certainly drawn some inspiration from the US.


Tell us about the fit-out, it looks huge!

It’s going to feel like a real restaurant. We have booth settings, linen tablecloths, waiters in white waiters jackets. It’s an elegant dining space that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a beautiful bar area right up the front, where you can eat or just have a drink.


On Instagram, we’ve seen you visiting local producers to pick up the best produce for the new restaurant – why is supporting local growers important to you?

I’m all about produce and as a small business owner myself, it only seems right to support the local farmers. I think it’s important to know where your food comes from and to understand all of the efforts gone into each dish.


We imagine one of the best parts of opening a new restaurant is trying all of the dishes, what has been your favourite dish so far?

My favourite dish, crazy to say and I know definitely not what is expected, is the classic wedge salad. I can’t stop eating it!


Side dishes play an important role when enjoying a steak and we’ve heard SK Steak and Oyster are pulling out all stops with a dedicated potato menu – please tell us this is true.

Yes, it is. We have a menu dedicated to the humble potato, done all of our favourite ways – fried, potato and gravy, lobster mash… And all of the other fun stuff!


Ok, this next question may be tough, or, it could be really easy, what’s your go-to drink and side accompaniments for a steak?

Personally, I like Super Tuscans. They are hard to beat, and I like the dusty nature they bring the palate. Accompaniments wise – I love nothing more than lemon for seafood and tobacco for both.


Steak or oyster?

Oysters every day, steak once or twice a week.


Now taking bookings from Wednesday 18 December, be one of the first in Brisbane to experience SK Steak and Oyster – book here.

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December 9, 2019