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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad’s are pretty great, aren’t they? The might make it their life’s mission to embarrass you at any given opportunity, but we love them regardless! They are also pretty difficult to buy for, so we are making your life easier by dropping the ULTIMATE Father’s Day gift guide.

So, if you dropped the ball last Father’s Day and went halves on a pair of socks with your siblings, then this is your chance to redeem yourself! Whether he’s a technology fiend, style aficionado, or just enjoys a good meal with family – here are 8 gift ideas that he’s sure to love!

Shaving Duet from Aesop

For the perfect shave, your Dad will LOVE this Shaving Duet from one of our newest tenants, Aesop! The Moroccan Neroli Serum’s silky texture assists in achieving a razor-close shave, while also calming the skin and sparing any aggravation! Oh, and it smells INCREDIBLE. It’s really a win-win…

Polo from Digby’s

Look into any dad’s wardrobe and you’re sure to find a polo or two. So why settle for something mediocre when you can spoil him with a Victome A Polo Shirt from Digby’s Menswear!

Jeans from Nudie Jeans

Jeans MUST be a staple for all dad’s everywhere. Dropping kids off at soccer? Jeans. Taking your daughter to a sleepover? Jeans. Running after little ones at the park? Jeans. So… why not gift your dad with a pair of good quality raw denim jeans from Nudie Jeans Co!

Lamb & Rosemary Pies from Jocelyn’s Provisions

If you know your dad’s a serious foodie, then this will take the cake – or, the pie. Nail Father’s Day lunch and pick up some warm, toasty lamb and rosemary pies from Jocelyn Provisions. Oh, and maybe treat yourself to a cupcake while you’re there.

Sweater from Assembly Label 

If your dad considers himself to be a style-savvy fashion-killer, then Assembly Label is your best bet.This ultra cool grey sweater will have your dad looking like Drake – but way, way cooler.

Shirt from Richards & Richards

Have you ever felt Egyptian Cotton? It feels as good as it sounds. Richards & Richards have a whole range of cuffed shirts that would even make Marc Anthony want to wear them.

Headphones from Bang & Olufsen

If your dad squeals every time a new iPhone comes out, then these headphones from Bang & Olufsen will make him SUPER happy. Not only are they ultra lightweight, but they’re also so comfortable!

Flask from West Elm

Still short for ideas? This flask from West Elm is what you were looking for! Not only does it look great, but he’ll also always be ready for a BYOB party…




Cap from 2XU

Is your dad addicted to endorphins? Well this cap from 2XU will win you daughter/son of the year. Not only is it good looking, but it can also send precise measurements of your heart rate, steps and calories to your smartphone or watch! Welcome to the future.

Cologne from Libertine Parfumerie

Have your dad smelling like sandalwood, cardamom and cumin with this luxurious cologne from Libertine Parfumerie.

Sunglasses from Bailey Nelson

A twist on the classic aviator, these super cool shades from Bailey Nelson will be sure to give your dad some serious street cred.



Words by Lara Nicholls

Posted on

August 17, 2016