The Road North To Brisbane

Craig Penny’s Solo Exhibition at REDSEA Gallery!

REDSEA Gallery is pleased to present a Craig Penny Solo Exhibition – “The Road North to Brisbane”.

With inspiration taken from his recent adventures of Brisbane and it’s local beach scene, Penny’s current body of work proves both his unbridled skill and integrity.

Penny’s artistic career continues to rise after a solid fifteen years of international exhibitions and awards, and this solo exhibition at REDSEA Gallery will highlight the pinnacle of his progress thus far.

With free-form views of the sea, landscape and city, Penny’s light touch prioritises evoking mood before design.  The works in this solo exhibition arouse scenes beyond the mere visual as we are transported within Penny’s serene worlds, and are left to scrunch our toes in the sand.

Craig Penny’s solo exhibition opens to the public on Tuesday 3rd of February, and will run for three weeks to Sunday the 1st of March.

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January 22, 2015