Make it your beeswax...

The Honey Man

Jack Stone of Bee One Third is an urban beekeeper on a mission, and founder of urban beekeeping company, Bee One Third.  In 2012, we were lucky enough to have 5 beehives installed on the roof of Gerard’s Bistro – making James St Bee One Third’s flagship destination.

Jack is dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of these very important critters, for what you think is simply a nosy little bee, is actually the reason for so much of the fresh produce you eat on the daily.  In fact, bees pollinate a staggering one in every three mouthfuls of the food we eat today.

So, Jack collaborated with film company Tinker to create some buzz (see what we did there, eh?) about these furry little creatures.  See the result below:

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May 14, 2015