The Divine Feminine: the SS 2018 collection of Gail Sorronda

The Divine Feminine is the latest collection by creative genius Gail Sorronda.

As featured in Vogue Italia –

“Each collection helps me remember who I am; and this capsule marks a birth”. The australian designer Gail Reid, designer of the Gail Sorronda brand, became mother in 2017 and “this marks a milestone in my pilgrimage as an embodied spirit. Recognising in a tangible way that I am a participant in a much bigger creative life force. ss women in this day and age with the increasing roles and pressures we put on ourselves we need to more than ever recognise our divinity.

The use of monochrome in a collection is symbolic of the journey of duality; the dark and light, masculine and feminine, macrocosm and microcosm, material and nonmaterial and life and death. Ultimately a symbolic gesture of our path towards unity beyond duality.

Duality is represented through the dark romanticism and ethereal transience. Ruffle pom poms worn proudly like Divine Feminine shoulder pads, playful armour alongside masculine collars, a transparent organza collar veils and seduces. Neck ruffs covet the voice. Ruched elasticised waists alongside voluminous sleeves and weightless cotton night dresses have a nostalgic romanticism. A babies dress and mothers’ shirt share the same pattern; microcosm and macrocosm. The silhouettes are striped back to humble shadows of dark and light giving birth to a cycle reborn. 

– words by Nicoletta Spolini 

View the full article and image gallery here, and stay tuned for the launch date!

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October 6, 2017