From winter to spring...

Sunglasses For A Seamless Transition

It’s a known fact that sunglasses make you cooler. Not only are they practical, but they’re also a chance to add a lil’ sometin’ extra to your outfit. As we Australians get more sun than others, sunglasses aren’t just an option – they are an obligation.

And another thing: you can own as many pairs as you like. Although we’re not completely done with winter, there’s no harm in stocking up with a new pair for spring!

Here’s a little selection of the coolest shades on James Street at the moment:



Introducing the Cat-Eye 2.0. These shades by Miu Miu stay true to the feline frame, but are just enough of a statement to have you meowing all day long.



Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…. these Dior sunnies will literally make you see everything through rose-tinted glasses.


Planning a Roman Holiday any time soon? Maybe having Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Either way, these sunglasses by Dries Van Noten have some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes.


These seriously posh aviators by Victoria Beckham are great for when you need something to spice up your look or when you gotta get with your friends for brunch.


These rounded frame shades from Bailey Nelson will have you reminiscing about the golden days of Fleetwood Mac and Woodstock.



Words by Lara Nicholls 

Posted on

August 3, 2016