Pack me!

Going on holidays? Here’s a list of must-pack essentials.

Packing for a holiday, weekend getaway or work trip can be tricky, especially when you start to question every garment decision. Do I sacrifice my favourite blouse for a coat? Do I really need ten tee’s for a weekend away? What’s the least amount of shoes I can get away with? We’ll leave the answers to these questions to you (FYI more is always more with shoes) but, after many holidays of wishing we packed this or that, we’ve got five trialled and tested essentials that you should not leave for vacation without.

Scroll down to find our must-pack items, even if you only have 7kg carry-on…


1. Sneakers

When you’re running through the airport to catch a flight or exploring a new city on foot, a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers is a necessity. Common Project sneakers from Camargue will become your go-to travelling shoe companion. Team your sneakers with shorts and blazer, or a floral summer dress – they’re versatile and super cute.


2. A Light Jacket

Think of a jacket when packing as a boarding pass is to a flight – it’s pretty essential to help you get anywhere. Yes, that’s quite a big call, but we feel strongly about this one. Whether it’s to keep you warm on a flight, a practicality for a cool climate or to tie an outfit together, a light jacket is an essential no matter the continent or season. We’re obsessed with this Ena Pelly Classic Biker Jacket in Grey stocked at Wolfe & Ordnance – style it with classic sneakers as mentioned above, a white tee, jeans and volia!


3. Jeans

To pack jeans or not to pack jeans? A classic packing conundrum and the answer is pack jeans! A great pair of jeans can help you transition from day to night and airport to Airbnb. Where to find great jeans you might ask? At Nudie Jeans of course! Hot tip: go for a straight-leg, or classic Mom style for maximum room for movement.


4. A Travel Skincare Pack

Travelling can leave your skin and hair feeling fragile and dry and there’s no worse feeling right? Before your next trip, pick-up a Jet Set pack by Aesop. Inside you will find four travel-sized beauty staples; Classic Shampoo; Classic Conditioner; Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm. Apply each before and after your flight to stop your hair and skin from getting stressed and leave you feeling fresh and fabulous for your trip ahead.



5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ears, meet the H8I noise-cancelling headphones by Bang & Olufsen and prepare to become well acquainted with them, because as once you put them one, you won’t wont to take them off. Perfect for long haul and short haul flights, noise cancelling headphones will not only soften the roar of the engine but help you tune out and relax. First invented for pilots, it makes sense that passengers can enjoy the benefits of noise cancellation headphones too.

Happy travelling!


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June 12, 2018