Twitter thumbs at the ready...

Take control of the new Optiko window!

Okay, so this might just be the coolest thing to happen… EVER!

If you have been paying any particular attention to our Twitter lately, you will see that we have been tweeting some random colour sequences, initiated with the hash-tag #optikoeyewear.  Yeah, we have been doing this to change the colours on the new Optiko Eyewear window display as we please.

The facade that has been created for Optiko Eyewear pays an homage to digital pop culture.  Like the ever-changing images on a screen, the facade has been transformed from a static entity into a living thing, being capable of reacting to the movements and desires of its viewer.  Like a face, the new Optiko facade is the outward expression of the lifestyle being lived within the sores walls.  This is a lifestyle of ever-changing scenery and constant self expression.  By creating a facade that can be changed by anyone, through the social network of Twitter, a store has been created that can wear the expressions of its customers.

Artists Josh Wilkinson, Alice Brown and Revy Hamilton are now currently plugging away at a multimedia project that will culminate in the presentation of a performance art piece at the largest and most respected media arts festival in the world, Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria – a project that will be an extension of their Optiko window display.

So get those Twitter thumbs at the ready, pick your favourite colours, groove out in front of the facade, and watch the art adapt to your wishes.

Check out exactly how it works in the vid below.

Learn more about the project at

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June 10, 2014