Spring things you never knew you needed!

Spring is with us for another few weeks and before the prettiest season of all concludes, consider our list of five things you never knew you needed – we can guarantee that you won’t expect what’s coming your way.


  1. Mandarins | The Standard Market Co | For all

We don’t want to alarm you but, mandarins will technically be out of season as summer hits, so, get your hands on a sweet, juicy mandy before it’s too late – people never realise how much they miss things until they are gone… this applies to mandarins. Our recommendation? Make mandarin marmalade which will assist with the withdrawals post season ending. We are no chefs but hear it’s easy; add lemon, water, sugar to juiced mandarins and reduce overheat. Note, we also recommend researching a proper recipe.


  1. Flower Power Blotting Paper | Mecca Cosmetica | For her

You wouldn’t bake fries without baking paper and blotting paper for your face is essentially the same thing… well kind of, not really, but the concept is similar! Flower Power Blotting Paper by Merci Handy from Mecca Cosmetica is a pocket-size friend that can be used anytime, anywhere and wipes away shiny t-zones – they feature wood pulp that extracts excess oil without removing makeup and with the unpredictable weather that spring brings, blotting paper is a new must-have.


  1. Bed Linen | Jardan | For all

When you’re not quite ready for air-conditioning and the fan becomes too breezy at 1AM, switching your sheets to a breathable linen option will undoubtedly create a happy medium or at the very least, look good. Jardan has an extensive range of relaxed linen made with our temperamental climate in mind. Colour-wise, you can’t go wrong, but the Stonewash Lilac which resembles a deep chambray is our favourite – for this week anyway.


  1. Swim shorts | Nudie Jeans Co | For him

In a James St exclusive, Nudie Jeans Co are stocking swim shorts for the very first time! Forget denim and consider this cooler option (pun intended) for spring. For those after a less waterproof option, the Luke shorts which are basically a short chino with a roll just above the knee are for you and are available in navy and turmeric.


  1. An afternoon aperitif | Hellenika | For all

A spontaneous aperitif at Hellenika by The Calile pool is essential during spring and the best part is that no reservations are required to dine under the mint and white striped umbrellas of the restaurant. Like anything, it’s first in the first serve however not many know that those other than hotel guests can dine poolside without a booking – this newfound fact will change your life.


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November 18, 2019