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Seth Stephens-Davidowitz… What was all the fuss about?

Did you miss out on catching Seth Stephens-Davidowitz during his first ever Australian appearance? We’ve got the inside scoop on what Seth really knows about you, us and everyone!

Day III of RESORT aka our annual cerebral showcase of all things interesting, saw Seth Stephens-Davidowitz take to the Brisbane Powerhouse stage, where he presented a key note presentation entitled ‘What Google can tell us about who we really are: A window into the human psyche’. Presented by WLTH, in partnership with Brisbane Times, 500 attendees tuned in to hear what Seth had to say about our weird, wonderful and in some instances, concerning search patterns.

Lovingly referred to as our ‘in-house philosopher’, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is a data genius, and more formally known as an ex-Google scientist and current New York Times Opinion Editor, who takes pleasure in searching trillions of gigabytes of search data. As outlined in his key note presentation and highlighted throughout his book, appropriately titled Everybody Lies, his searches provide an insight in what people really think / feel politically, emotionally, racially and in a relationship context.

Seth revealed many differing search patterns, some humourious, many shocking, and some not so safe for the web (our site anyway!). As a whole, Seth brought many taboo search topics to light and discussed how these searches affect our lives and the greater population.

A classic example is Seth predicting the Trump victory – although polling experts concluded that Donald Trump didn’t stand a chance in the 2016 American election, Seth analysed a number of search patterns that allowed him to believe that Trump would win… And he did! States that had the largest support for Trump were those that made the most Google searches relating directly to pro-violence and discriminative antics – find out more by delving deep into Seth’s his book… Our lips are sealed!

It’s a fascinating topic that will continue to be of focus moving forward as our lives continue to evolve online and with the influence of social media.

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December 4, 2017