Direct from New York Fashion Week

sass & bide launches new collection

Direct from New York Fashion Week to your front door, sass & bide has welcomed the latest collection in store – FREETOWN.   FREETOWN is the exploration of mixed worlds, leaning on the mood and spirit of history and channeling itself into a modern considered clash.   In this collection, fresh graphics and sass & bide’s signature play on print collide with intricate hand embroidery, creating an alluring tale of past and present.

In a world first, sass & bide have partnered with photographer Terry Gates to shoot the first interactive panoramic 360 degree digital campaign.  The campaign is a gathering of the obscure, where creative freedom rules, evoking a feeling that there are no boundaries or limits.

In Heidi Middleton’s words, “the campaign represents the beautiful strange with a modern essence. I wanted the energy of the misfits to the be felt in this captire to create a sense of desirable wrongness. Aline then appears as the centrepiece of the campaign representingcool, beauty, freedom and strength.”

Visit the experience at before heading in store to discover the full range for yourself!

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February 10, 2014