RESORT x Gail Sorronda Cruise 16/17 Presentation

RESORT saw Gail Sorronda present her Cruise 16/17 Collection – take a step back and relive all the action…

It’s 6pm on RESORT Friday, you take a short stroll off James St to St Patrick’s Church, a heritage-listed, gothic-styled church playing home to Gail Sorronda’s Cruise 16/17 presentation. The church has monumental presence and you’re surrounded by lovers of all things Sorronda – the show is just minutes away. You enter through the exaggerated archway, beneath the faded stain-glass windows and are greeted with a dark and somewhat hazy presence (literally) as a light film of smoke fills the air. You pass through the wide, maze-like aisles to find your seat on the thick timbered pew, those around you begin to seat and the anticipation begins…

Music begins to sound and two dancers (one male, one female) enter the church. Dressed in nude seamless underwear, they move in an etheral way, floating towards the centre of the church which is defined by octagonal columns. The dancers unite at the alter, surrounded by tempting ‘red apples’ where they explore the duality and original sin through the interplay of light and dark. After five breathtaking minutes, the dancers begin their graceful departure and one by one models enter wearing bold silhouettes. Think exaggerated sleeves, ruffled hemlines and plunging necklines, in red, black and white, which represent the labels dark romanticism. With a red apple in hand, each of the twenty-two models parade through each aisle, before taking the alter and assembling at the back of the church surrounded by candles and soft yellow lighting. Gail Sorronda makes a short yet emotional appearance – those surrounded are speechless, you’ve just entered the mind of creative goddess Gail Sorronda.

The ever talented Jack Lister choreographed the dance performance which you can catch snippets of here or check out the full look book from the presentation here.



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November 8, 2016