REDSEA Gallery Takes 5 Minutes With Artist, Young-Sung Kim

REDSEA Gallery are welcoming the solo exhibition of Korean artist, Young-sung Kim and recently sat down with him to ask a few questions about himself and his latest exhibition titled ‘coexistence’… Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself. When and how did your journey begin as a painter?

I am a 43 year old artist born in Seoul, based in New York and London for work and exhibitions. My career as an artist was encouraged when I won the highest award in Youth Biennale in my last year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) student in Hong-Ik University in Seoul, South Korea (Most prestigious Fine Arts school in Korea). Since, I have had the privilege of winning 30 different awards in other competitions and exhibitions internationally which has helped me to build by profile as an artist.

As a Korean artist, how does it feel to have your art works in the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)? What does this mean to you? 

To Koreans, SeMa is the equivalent of MOMA in New York. It is an honour to have my artwork permanently displayed in SeMA and to hold regular exhibitions. My work is also displayed in Oci museum and Art Retreat Museum in Singapore.

What message do you intend to portray within your ‘co-existence’ collection? 

Nothing. Life. Object. 3 letters combined in Korean actually means non-living object. Through my art I portray Life (small animals) and Object (Substances to symbolise modern civilisation) together in a single piece. Through this odd combination, I wanted to express emptiness and bleak nature of modern
society. ‘Snail on a Spoon’ for instance means this beautiful creature doesn’t only exist to be eaten by humans. On the same note ‘Fish in a Glass’ tries to express that they are not to be trapped for our enjoyment and ‘Frog on the bolt’ also suggests that they are not some sort of tools or parts. This irony is where the whole ‘co-existence’ is coming from.

What is your favourite artwork? Why? 

Every piece is important to me but if I am to pick one I will say its ‘Frog on Bolts’. It took me almost 5 months to finish and I faced difficulties right from the planning stage through to photo taking and painting stage. The piece feels like a daughter to me after spending such a long time together

What are your plans for the future? 

I have many exhibition going on in NY, London and Korea, many also being planned. I hope I can stay active in Australia as well. Other than the ‘hyperreality’ painting work that I do, I’ve been preparing for sculpture and installation artworks for quite some time and it will be realised shortly. I also plan to challenge myself with Kinetic art along with them.


Find Young-Sung Kim’s work in REDSEA Gallery from Tuesday November 1 to Sunday 27 November.

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October 31, 2016