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Power Lunch – Quick-bites and Takeaways

So many choices, so little time. Deciding what to eat can be the hardest decision to make – especially when you want it all.  If you are looking for lunch but don’t have the time for long lunch extravaganzas, we’ve done the legwork and tested (tasted) the best James St speedy lunch spots for a quick bite or takeaway.

Take a brisk, tasty lunch tour of our neighbourhood and if you are in a hurry to eat, we’ve compiled our go to menu items below.



Location: A hop, skip and jump off the main street, in the leafy haven called Gerard’s Lane.
Cuisine: A comprehensive menu of pastries, fresh salads and all-day breakfast with a Mediterranean twist.
Quick Bite: You can’t beat Aunty Helen’s famous Baklava – a deliciously stacked pastry dessert topped with a sweet honey-based syrup that soaks into the layers. If you’re the savoury type, the Spanakopita is for you.



Location: Make your way through the lively aisles of The Standard Market Co, where you will find Fresh Fish Co and Fresh Sushi Co.
Cuisine: Nothing but the finest seafood and sushi, with honest traditional Japanese cuisine.
Quick Bite: The fresh sushi is second to none but don’t overlook the Prawn Tempura Box – with fresh tiger prawns in Japanese batter and lightly fried until crispy. We know what we are having for lunch today…


James St Bakery

Location: If its carbs you crave, head inside The Standard Market Co to find the James St Bakery.
Cuisine: Freshly baked goods and an extensive range of gluten free breads.
Quick Bite: Nothing like handcrafted, all-natural sourdough to make the perfect sandwich in the office. If that’s too much work, the gourmet quiches are quiche.


Jamie’s Espresso Bar

Location: The iconic coffee hut, bookending the other end of the shared space with Sixes And Sevens.
Cuisine: Coffee, casual food and casual chat.
Quick Bite: Avocado on toast is not just for breakfast. There we said it. Jamie’s version is simple and no-fuss and, in our opinion the perfect lunch meal.


Jocelyn’s Provisions

Location: On the corner of Ada Lane, Jocelyn’s Provisions is positioned opposite The Calile Hotel.
Cuisine: Fine baked goods and gourmet provisions.
Quick Bite: Jocelyn’s Provisions know their way around a quality lunchtime. The Lamb and Rosemary Pie with onion marmalade is our pick. It’s also the pick of hungry locals, with lunch treats selling out daily so get in early.


King Arthur Cafe

Location: A few short steps off James Street, located on (who would’ve thought) Arthur Street next door to Mosconi.
Cuisine: All day brunch with a seasonal menu.
Quick Bite: Three words, slow cooked lamb. Cleary we have a thing for lamb, King Arthur’s is coupled with pumpkin hummus, creamy yoghurt, quinoa tabbouleh and soft warm flatbread.



Location: Quench is located in the ultimate quick-bite area – opposite Spoon Deli Café and in The James St Market.
Cuisine: One stop shop for all things healthy, fruity, juicy and gelato.
Quick Bite: Our go to on days when the lunch hunger just never arrives is the açai smoothie. Or for afternoons that need a little sweeting, the creamy matcha gelato.


Spoon Deli Café

Location: With a vibrant indoor and outdoor space, Spoon is located in the heart of The James St Market.
Cuisine: Á la carte menu inspired by international flavours.
Quick Bite: Keep it simple, our tip the BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken Burger never fails.


The Green

Location: Secreted away behind St Barts, the location mirrors the name, a green and leafy courtyard.
Cuisine: Middle Eastern.
Quick Bite: Everyone can make friends with salad when it’s from The Green. We recommend, the fig, basturma salad with Persian feta and olive oil.


The Yiros Shop

Location: Tucked into a tidy spot next to Baily Nelson with Sixes And Sevens a friendly neighbour.
Cuisine: Greek.
Quick Bite: If, like us, you enjoy grilled meats – a yiros is what you need. The fluffy pita bread stuffed with a selection of pork, chicken, lamb or haloumi, ripe tomato, onion, parsley, tzatziki and chips is our secret weapon for making it through the day.


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January 28, 2022