Our rooftops are abuzz!

Our rooftops are abuzz!

If you have ever strolled around the precinct and wondered why the trees are so lush and the flowers so pretty, look up and you might just catch the answer in a flash of black and yellow. That’s right – thanks to the team of urban apiarists at Bee One Third – we’ve welcomed almost 250,000 honeybees across five rooftop hives above Gerard’s Bistro.

Having been residents to New Farm for over 12 months now, the tiny little worker bee has become well acquainted with New Farm. Each day they head out from the hives explore different parts of the neighbourhood; foraging over 150 plants, flowers and trees in search of tasty nectar and pollen. Dropping seeds and other goodness along the way, we hear that the roses at New Farm Park have never looked so good!

Bees are responsible for pollinating over 90 species of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds so without them things like cucumber sandwiches and pumpkin soup would struggle to exist.   In fact, bees pollinate a staggering one in every three mouthfuls of the food we eat today!

Each of the five hives has distinct flavour notes and for a limited time only you have the chance to sample the James St honey for yourself. Simply head in to our haven of all things food and drink, Scrumptious Reads, and you will find a very bee-autiful array of honey for you to tantilise the taste buds or take home for more!

The rooftop hives

A special dessert item at Gerard's Bistro

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February 10, 2014