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Only 10s by Matt Lapish from 6s & 7s

We managed to steal Matt Lapish, Music Director At Sixes and Sevens away for a few quick questions and in the process convinced him to make us a new James St playlist. Hear what he has to say and play (hit shuffle):


How long have you been the Music Director?

I’m proud to say, 2024 will be my 10th year!

When can we catch you in the venue?

You’ll spot me in the venue most weeks, playing a little less on the music front these days and more involved in programming the DJ line-up. I also lend a hand across marketing and social media.

You have the best view in the house – what is your favourite thing about performing At Sixes and Sevens?

Ha!  Without a doubt, the iconic balcony… it’s the launchpad for many spontaneous dance-floor moments and intimate connections with the crowd.

There must be an iconic dance move that brings a smile to dial…what is it?

I’m a late 80’s baby, so growing up there were a lot moves from that era being practiced in my household – one of which is the ‘roger rabbit’ – YouTube Every Little Step by Bobby Brown. IYKYK.

What is your side (or main!) gig?

I have been working within the Property Advisory industry for close to 8 years – it is my main gig.

We are buying you a drink…what is your order?

A hot day calls for any variation of a Margarita, gracias!

We know what you’re currently listening to – but what are you reading or watching?

I have just stocked up on two new books that I look forward to starting over the summer break. These being, The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin and F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow by Action Bronson.

How many residents make up the all-star At Sixes and Sevens cast and what makes them special?

We have close to 30 versatile DJs on the books – most of which are local talent, however a select few commute from the north and south of the highway for some cheeky features. Each artist has a unique style, some you’ll see on current ‘gig’ posters and others may be familiar from having residencies at clubs that are no longer – all are supportive of one another, and I feel privileged to be involved in the industry.

Describe the playlist you have created in three words. 1, 2, 3!

Groovy, time, machine.


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October 20, 2023