Tips and tricks to sticking to your NY resolutions...

New Year, Who’s This?

If you’ve set your sights on breaking a few bad habits in 2017, you’re not the only one! The beginning of a new year is certainly a very cliché’ time to start a new exercise or beauty routine, but you may as well give it a red-hot-go and we’ve got a few tips to ensure you aren’t making the same resolutions next year.

1. Look after your body:

It’s not surprising that the majority of people want to exercise more at the beginning of a new year – after a full month of eating Christmas ham and exotic cocktails, exercise is often required (for us anyway!). An increase in exercise is great… If you’re body is up to it. Ease yourself into an exercise routine that you will be able to stick to, even during the busiest months of work, school or parental duties and be sure to visit a professional to prevent injuries, muscles issues and to relieve stress.

Health Place offer a wide range of remedial, sports, trigger point and relaxation massages, which your body will be craving after the shock of a brand new routine. Book yourself in for a weekly treatment, you won’t regret it.


2. Workout your skin:

Workouts don’t only occur in a physical sense – at Outshine they have programs such as the ‘Seasonal Skin Workout’, which focuses on skin rejuvenation and treatments to restore youthful vitality. If your skin got a little too sun-kissed over the summer holidays, or your skin isn’t coping too well with your new exercise routine and one of you new year resolutions was to maintain picture perfect skin, then frequent ‘workouts’ at Outshine are essential for you. Stop-by for a personal skin consultation and they will set you up with a program that will keep you glowing all year long.


3. Take care of your hair:

Word on the street is that the lob is out and long-locks are back! Evidently, it’s impossible to rock the locks if you have split ends, so stick to that resolution of more frequent trims and treatments – not only will your hair grow much quicker (it’s not a myth) but it will be much easier to style and will be healthier too. Lyla Clare and Headquarters Hair Specialists are both open late from Monday to Friday, so make an appointment ASAP. Hot tip: book in your next appointment after you finish your first, that way it’s out of sight and out of mind, but you will get a friendly little reminder just before next appointment.


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January 10, 2017