Time poor is a real thing...

Life’s little quick fixes…

Strolling under the Moreton Bay Figs, smelling the aroma of coffee and window-shopping all the latest collections, it’s easy to forget that life is madly spinning on around you when you’re wandering along James St.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop – even when we want it to, and although James St is great for a leisurely stroll, it’s also great for those who are always on the run and seeking out a quick fix.


Press Smoothie

In one of their acts of magic (along with creating some of the best damn salads you will ever taste), Press can whip you up a green smoothie in just a couple of minutes.  In goes the mango, the spinach, the coconut water and some banana, then head to the counter, order, pay and in under five minutes, you’ll be back on your merry old way again.  Don’t forget to chat to the friendly staff while you’re waiting – they’re bound to make you laugh.

Sandwich from Hive Cafe

When time time for lunch comes around, the starvation sets in.  For those who need to pick something up quick sticks to bring back to the office and devour, head to Hive (behind Bucci), and grab one of their limited edition daily sandwiches.  The best part?  You don’t have to sacrifice freshness for this quick bite.  The sandwiches are made to order, and the options are endless.


Run Club hosted by Lululemon

For those who can’t afford to commit to a gym membership due to their never-ending schedule, but still want to exercise in a group environment, take part in Lululemon‘s complimentary Run Club, hosted every Wednesday night at 6PM.  Meet the running coach beforehand in-store, and then head out for a relaxing run around the beautiful New Farm area.

Spray Tan from Outshine

We all know that ‘there’s nothing healthy about a tan’, but getting a fake tan is an arduous task of not showering and dirty bed sheets the next morning.  Pop into Outshine for a fake tan quick fix, and ask for one of their ‘Dry In 3-Hours’ tans to get that summer glow with no fuss involved.

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March 17, 2015