Don’t overthink it, just eat it

Market Day done right

James St Food + Wine Trail (JSFWT) without Market Day is like Simon Gloftis without an oyster in hand (IYKYK). It’s the one day of the year where our resident restaurants, cafés and bars reclaim over 7,500 square metres of our prime leafy laneways, gardens and outdoor spaces to transform it into one giant market and a gourmet one at that.

Sunday 30 July is the day, 10AM – 5PM is the time, here is where to RSVP and below is your checklist to discover why our community calls it the best day of the year (we don’t disagree).

  1. Get your hands a program.

True JSFWT fans get a program and mark-up their hitlist i.e., a fried chicken sanga w. truffle mayo from Essa and an Americano from Bar TanoMarket Day is the only day you can taste a little bit of goodness from every James St venue.

What’s more, 2023 program collectors will discover a handy limited edition recipe book enclosed titled ‘Resident Recipes’ with Vol 1. featuring 22 recipes from James St restaurants, cafés and bars. That’s right, we’re inviting you to get chefy at home.

  1. Get feast fit.

Now, you’ve sorted what you’re eating, but are you feeling fit for a feast? We have the tunes for you to eat and drink to in preparation for the big day – just like an entrée. Ty Simon – the Director of Anyday Group behind residents venues Agnes Bakery, Biànca, sAme sAme and LOS has whipped up a ‘Stretch Your Legs’ Warm Up Mix  playlist to get you in the food mood.

The tunes will flow through to Market Day with five opportunities to find your new favourite artist or DJ. The Live and Vibe Stage will sandwich together the feast while the DJ Pods act as the tasty fillers. Hot tip: if you like Ty’s jams head to Ada Lane – we’re 99% sure he’ll hijack the decks.

  1. The cool kids club.

Jocelyn’s Provisions have catered for the kids – gourmet sausage rolls anyone? Grab a bucket of savoury snacks and take your James St juniors over to the Kids Camp where we’ll be getting arty and crafty with make your own chef hats, colouring in plates and face painting. If you think this sounds like good fun, you’re right.

  1. Order more.

Book in at Harveys Bar + Bistro for a multi-course lunch to watch the JSFWT action unfold while you enjoy the freshest catches from The Fish Factory prepared by Head Chef PJ McMillan.

New kids on the block, The Nixon Room will also be hosting their Sunday Social Club with snacks, sips and sounds in the laneway.

If you’re still hungry for more or just want to keep the good times flowing, make sure to stay on at Sixes And Sevens, Gerard’s Bar, Bar Tano and LOS.


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July 20, 2023