Meet Sinéad Burke – inclusivity activist, disability advocate, educator, academic and one of the fifteen changemakers selected by the Duchess of Sussex for the Forces of Change British Vogue September 2019 cover and story. Sinéad will make her first Australian appearance as part of our annual RESORT event this October, from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 to be exact.

In addition to being a leading voice for inclusivity, Sinéad is a PhD student and one of the most influential activists of the year. Having presented at the invitation-only Business of Fashion VOICES event in 2017, and at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sinéad is broadening conversations and championing inclusivity around the world.

Her advocacy of disability and inclusivity was brought to light through a TED Talk titled, Why design should include everyone. Sinéad is also a contributing editor of British Vogue and appeared on their recent cover and story feature Forces of Change, personally selected by the Duchess of Sussex. She also was the first little person to attend The Met Gala and has partnered with luxury labels such as Gucci and Burberry to create more inclusive products and to drive businesses to consider inclusivity in their businesses.

Sinéad will take part in a number of events during the three-day RESORT event and will meet with local and national representatives from key industries to discuss a broadening of community acceptance and understanding. She will also present a public discussion on Friday 11 October.

Sinéad’s RESORT Schedule: 

Day 1 – RESORT Round Table

Day 2 – RESORT Intelligence Report presented by WISH

Day 3 – RESORT Trailblazers presented by Vogue Australia

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August 30, 2019