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We have been asking ourselves, how do we stay connected to people and our community when physical connections are broken?  When quarantine and social distancing have become part of the everyday vernacular and we are told to keep our distance and stay at home?

During this time, we are increasingly relying on digital means to stay connected and informed. So, we took note when talented Brisbane based graphic designer and blogger Jasmine Dowling took to social media to declare her support for local business by creating a simple template for the online community to share.

A simple gesture that sprung from a place of genuine care, “I started the templates because there are so many small local businesses that add so much to my community and my everyday life however may not have the online visibility. During a time where many of us are indoors and on our phones more frequently, it was a way that as a collective we could give visibility and recognition to those local businesses. The great thing is that is works universally. Anyone whether they are in Brisbane, Australia or in London, we all have those small independent businesses that enrich our lives” Jasmine says.

It is a small gesture but one that has replaced the friendly handshake or hug in this time of social distancing – a digital high-five to the locals and friends in our James Street community that need our ongoing support and trade during this isolating time.

Jasmine has created a simple template for Instagram that you can share as many times as you like – this can be found on our James St Instagram Stories here.

So please share this small gesture to show that you value your community. Like every business in the world, our community faces huge challenges over the coming months and they need your help. We can also guarantee it will make their day.

Retailers that are permitted to be, are still very much open.  Those that have been mandated to close due to government directives are also mostly still trading in takeaway options – see here.

We will keep you updated on what is happening on James Street – in the meantime spread the love, continue to support and show that you care for your community.

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March 24, 2020