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Gorman + Megan Grant | Winter 2018 collection

You got to love a Gorman artist collaboration and this season is no exception with the exciting addition of Megan Grant. Based in Melbourne, Grant is a painter, illustrator and creator of many wonderful things. Painting every day at her home studio, Grant works intuitively on a canvas, with each new mark purposely placed and informed by whats around it. Her artistic approach focuses on aesthetic editing, where she follows natural tendencies towards colour and form and then deliberately works against it. These force her to resolve an unexpected set of visual problems, that are unlike anything else – creating striking art in the process.

Grant’s Gorman collaboration, honours her artistic approach and love of colour and composition. The collection blends bright botanicals, leafy greens and warm winter hues across six print stories. Visit the James St store today to shop the new art collection.

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May 1, 2018