Give the gift of James St this Christmas

With the James St Gift Card, a little bit goes a long way.


$20 Gift Card

If there’s one thing that can get you prepped and ready for a day of shopping, it’s coffee. Start off with a smooth, morning brew from Harveys and let the caffeine carry you through.

Next, head over to the literary wonderland that is Scrumptious Reads, and peruse a plethora of cookbooks and magazines that are sure to inspire your next culinary endeavours!


$200 Gift Card

Now, we’re talking! With $200 to spend on James St, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Why not start off with a Sunday breakfast at Gerard’s Bistro? Try their famous Baghdad eggs, topped with cumin, garlic, mint and lemon, all arranged beautifully on flatbread. Oh, and don’t forget to ‘gram it.

The Australian sun can be brutal, so do your eyes a service and invest in a pair of high quality sunnies from Bailey Nelson! With polarised lenses and a sweet price of only $155, you can beat the summer glare, and look good while doing it.

Right. You’ve got $27 left. This calls for a drink! Grab your new shades, pop over to Sixes and Sevens, and watch the day melt away after a good day of retail therapy. Try an icy cold summer ale by Little Creatures, or shout your friends to a cheese board for three… or for one.

Your perfect day is waiting for you, with a James St Gift Card.

Grab yours here now.

Words by Lara Nicholls

Posted on

December 8, 2015