Get Fit and Healthy In the New Year!

Get Fit and Healthy In the New Year!

Unsurprisingly, the New Years resolution’s most forgotten are: get fit, eat healthier, and be less stressed.  As the year trudges on, it’s easy to lose motivation for something that felt soooo important in January, but all of a sudden, halfway through the year, it’s so easy to find (or make up…) excuses, and, well, try it all again next year.  Luckily, James Street has ticked all the boxes to keep your motivation flowing throughout 2014.  Everything to ensure your resolution doesn’t fall into the forgotten category is right here, at your fingertips.

The best way to inspire motivation is to create a new work-out wardrobe – and the best place to get your new work-out wardrobe is from our one-stop sportswear shop, Lululemon Athletica. Their selection of sports bras, tanks, shorts, bags, yoga gear, and headbands will help you get excited to get your sweat on.  Once you’ve got yourself set up with all the goods, you’ll be able to wake up, throw your new sports threads on, roll out your yoga mat and start to feel as fabulous as you are.

All kitted up in your brand spanking new gear, head to Ten Toes Yoga at 65 James Street.  Ten Toes hosts classes for beginners so there’s no excuses, expectant mothers to assist in relaxation and pre-birth exercises, existing mothers to bring along their bub, advanced classes for those of you who have had more practice than most at twisting into a pretzel, and a meditation course for those who find it difficult to escape the speed of their own thoughts.

Of course, no workout is complete without a re-fuel afterward. To refresh your body after a month-long celebration of the silly season, you need to pack your bod with the good stuff to keep you going full steam ahead.  Press is the perfect place to go when you’re trying to be health-conscious.  Aside from the fact that they have the perfect salad selection to satiate the craving for a health food kick, they also have a menu jam packed with liquid deliciousness, from their green juices to their organic yoghurt based smoothies.  Best part about it all?  You’ll walk away satisfied, without a hole in your wallet.

If you’re not sure what the healthiest foods are to fuel your body, head to Health Place where you can meet with the highly qualified Apple to Zucchini dietetics team.  They will work with you to optimise your eating plan, and help you accomplish the results you had in mind when creating your New Years resolution.  Whether your goal includes gaining muscle mass, optimising energy levels, sport nutrition plans or advice relating to health issues, the experienced team will assist you on your journey.

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January 17, 2014