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Messina x Maison Balzac = Bougie Parfumée

What happens when Messina meets Australian homewares label Maison Balzac? Two tasty candles “Bougie Parfumée” are created.

Messina Creative Department, the fine dining gelato Sydney restaurant and Maison Balzac have been working together for over a year. The restaurant uses Maison Balzac’s delicate glassware and perfumed candles, adding to the sensory experience that one feels upon entering.

In recent months, the collaboration has grown significantly with the Sydney-based businesses uniting to create two signature candles.

Inspired by honey, one of Messina’s signature natural ingredients, the creations are as sweet as they sound:

The Candles:

Miel d’Hiver – meaning winter honey in French, is the scent of plants pollinated by bees in the winter.


Top: smoke, thyme, lemon.

Middle: cedarleaf, frankincense, nutmeg.

Base: tonka bean, pale santo, peru balsam.


Miel d’Ete – meaning summer honey in French, is the perfume of all flowers pollinated by bees in the summer.


Top: bergamot, galbanum.

Middle is hyacinth, jasmine, orris and lily of the valley.

Base: earthy, musk and patchouli.


The limited-edition candles are available from Gelato Messina on James St.


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December 2, 2020