Gail Sorronda x Queensland Ballet Dracula

Dracula, the legendary and timeless story that has entranced audiences for centuries is alive and well in Brisbane in the form of QLD Ballet’s chilling cinematic adaption. Rich with emotional turmoil and heart wrenching passion this tragic gothic classic has captivated the city…including James Street based fashion designer Gail Sorronda.

Encapsulating the dark romantic world where true love never dies – Sorronda, and QB have collaborated to present an exclusive Dracula merchandise range including t-shirts, tote bags and a striking enamel pin set.

On the partnership, Sorronda cites Queensland Ballet as an inspiring creative organisation, “Queensland Ballet is an institution that I have always respected – it is an honour to be able to collaborate on such a quintessentially dark romantic narrative in the Gail Sorronda brands own way”.

Internationally recognised as a fashion trailblazer Gail Sorronda is no stranger to theatrical fashion with an outstanding oeuvre of dramatic, angelic, gothic and paranormal collections such as Holy Water, Oh My Goth!, Angel at My Table and High Priestess to name a few.

The dark marriage of Dracula, Gail Sorronda and Queensland Ballet is undoubtedly an inspired collaboration – combining creative artists to deliver a cohesive multi art-form experience. Sorronda enthuses that the Queensland Ballet interpretation of the classic tale delivered creative inspiration via an all-immersive experience, “The story telling through movement and live orchestra, light and darkness, set design and costume is a powerfully immersive experience that takes you into another world”.

Of course, there is a deep and plungeable depth to the Dracula tale – with countless creative interpretations of Bram Stoker’s Dracula throughout the years.  Sorronda’s favourite Dracula character, speaks to her creative motivation both for this collaboration and more broadly across her creative career, “I’m a Winona fan, so Mina from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 version, her dualistic character of liberating the “hero,” with whom the audience sympathises, from his fate, and liberating the world from a menacing monster had me oscillating!”

The range Gail Sorronda limited edition range is available to purchase throughout the Dracula season from the QPAC merchandise counter or in-store on James St.



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December 1, 2021