Spring has Sprung!

Five Minutes with Matthew Staff of MJS Jewellery

MJS Jewellery have just launched their new signature collection, appropriately titled, Sprung. Sprung is the creation of mastermind jeweller and studio owner, Matthew Staff and we thought what better way to find out more about this award nominated collection than sitting down with the man himself… Welcome to “Five Minutes with Matthew Staff.”


Tell us a little about MJS Jewellery:

“MJS Jewellery is my creative studio, it is an open workshop where the focus is on meticulous design and craftsmanship. My wife and I opened the studio in 2009, as I wanted to create a unique place for people to commission bespoke fine jewellery that departed from the traditional shop frontage. In the studio, the experience of commissioning one of my designs is just as important as the final piece.”

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection ‘Sprung’? 

“Sprung was inspired by engineering basics, the simplicity of how a single piece of wire can be used to form a spring coil. If you look closely at the design you will see it interlocks, folding and weaving back upon itself much like a spring. I set out to design a male band that departed from the traditional round or square profiles of today’s male bands. The side profile of “Sprung” is my personally my favourite.”

How long does it take to handcraft each magnificent ring? 

“It depends as each bespoke ring is unique, it can be quiet an involved process. Usually when commissioning a ring, the process can take 2-4 weeks.”

What made you choose a Black Sapphire in the setting of your latest collection ‘Sprung’? 

“I always wanted to use an Australian Black Sapphire in sprung, the gemstone is durable, sophisticated and timeless.”

What is your favourite diamond or gemstone? 

“I seek out unusual cuts of diamonds, a well cut diamond is just beautiful. Being a gemologist I also adore coloured gemstones, the more vibrant and rare the colour the more it appeals to me. I don’t think I have a favourite per say, there are to many beautiful gemstones to choose from! At the moment I am working with a beautiful gemstone called pink spinel, it is a rare vivid hot pink!”

If you could give one tip for purchasing a piece of fine jewellery what would it be? 

“Be confident! Fine jewellery is worn for a lifetime and often it is never taken off, it is a part of your individual style to be passed on to future generations. It is important to be confident with the design and go with your heart so that you will adore the piece now and into the future.”

You hand sketch each design, have you always had an interest in drawing? Do you draw for leisure as well? 

“I find by sketching each design you can really work through the aesthetics and flow of the design. I started drawing seriously when I began designing jewellery in my early 20’s, I found it an essential skill to bridge the gap, allowing me to visually communicate multiple designs to clients.”

Where do you go when you need creative inspiration? 

“The mountains! When I am out hiking my mind clears and makes room for inspirational thoughts.”

For all enquiries about Sprung by MJS Jewellery please phone 0403186119 or visit the studio at 1/27 Centro 2 James St (next to REDSEA Gallery). 

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August 31, 2016