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Dinosaur Designs “Sand” Collection

Dinosaur Designs latest collection titled Sand is now available in their James St boutique.

Sand explores the natural beauty and textures of fine rock and mineral particles. The colour palette is earthy, comprising tan, brown and white with streaks of red and black in a soft matt finish. New art-range castings and patterns were developed in order to allow natural sand to be mixed into the resin, drawing on rhythmic forms found in sandstone.

Louise Olsen comments,

“Our approach considered the forms and palette of sand. Sand takes us back to our childhood, when we use to fill jars with beautiful layers of sand. This layering effect inspired the development of our new art-range palette”.

The collection features a series of stone-inspired homeware pieces, which resemble graphic sandstone formations and look as if they have been created by nature. The jewellery component of the collection consists of brass ruffle chokers and bracelets, which create statement looks with armour-like plates. New earrings have also been developed featuring rock inspired forms, raw but with a polished finish.


If you’re yet to visit Dinosaur Designs James St boutique their new Sand collection is the perfect excuse to do so – find them opposite Sixes and Sevens from Monday through to Sunday.

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March 27, 2017