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Cutler and Gross ‘Circus’ collection lands at onepointsevenfour

The latest Cutler and Gross collection ‘Circus’ has landed at onepointsevenfour and as the title suggests it is a showstopper!

The thrill of the timeless show pops vibrantly throughout the collection with the use of glitter, dancing curves and streaks of dramatic electric blue sending shockwaves through the more traditional colourways and materials.

The collection has a sense of fun, eccentricity and quirkiness in every piece, reflecting the strength of personalities found amongst the greatest performers circus has given us, but one element unites them all, a striking sense of individual style.

Running off to join the circus has never been so chic! Run or cartwheel down to onepointsevenfour now to try them all…

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April 9, 2015