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Carried Away – A Vessel Guide

Traditionally vases are vessels to hold a bunch of blooms, but lately, the floral carriers have earnt notoriety as stand-alone artistic pieces in the interior design world.

Made to stand upright and out, vases effortlessly blend beauty, function, sentimentality, history and craftsmanship.

In tribute to the beloved homewares object, we’ve compiled our stand-alone vase styling tips and an edit of vessels that caught our eye.


How-to Style:

If furniture makes up the foundation of a room, then it’s décor or in this case, sculptural vases that add the finishing touches and tie it all together.

Let what you think about typical or proper placement conventions go out the window… such thoughts are no longer relevant with vases. Vases can be placed anywhere and everywhere, from unexpected places like the bathroom vanity, a bookshelf or plant stand, to the more conventional areas like a kitchen countertop or dining table.

Vases come in all shapes and sizes and smaller vases are your best layering friend. To create a dynamic display in your home, style on top of books or mix and match alongside modern finds and vintage heirlooms.

What flowers to display in which vase you may ask? That’s where we hand it over to the experts at Flower Trap within the James St Markets.


The Edit:

This edit of vases is hand-selected to inject personality into a space and can be sourced on James St (of course).

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May 19, 2021