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Brigitte Hill: A Food Renaissance

We eat with our eyes, or so the saying goes. A motto that holds true when dining on James St… and one that is swiftly backed up by the satisfying

A concept that sparked an idea, one explored viscerally in a series of images crafted for the James St Food + Wine Trail this year by stylist, culinary conceptualist and co-founder of MidHeaven Eats, Brigitte Hill.

Using foodstuffs as an artistic medium, Hill has transformed food sourced from James St, into art by reimagining simple ingredients in striking visual still-life combinations, via a simple idea “a dish made elemental, reassembled without the instructions.

MidHeaven’s metamorphic work is inspired by seasonality, the ritual of food creation, joy, communion, provenance, art, delight, and disaster, in the form of raw ingredients from James St’s markets, cafes, restaurants and apiarists. Celebrating the juxtaposition between food as ritual, nourishment and purpose, and food as pleasure, innovation, and connection.

Midheaven explores the ritual and communion of eating and sharing food. Each piece is custom created, there will never be two the same so once it is eaten it is gone forever. Everything is temporary.” says Hill.

For more information on this year’s event click here.

When not crafting still-life artworks, Hill moves between creating whimsical cakes based on the recipient’s personality, and fantastical edible installations that provide unique eating experiences and an irreverent, theatrical approach with MidHeaven co-founder Leila Amirparviz. Forget cheese and crackers, MidHeaven fashions multi-sensory, edible foodscapes that focus the attention back on the food we consume in unexpected ways and encourages people to playfully interact with, and bond over food.

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June 27, 2022