Small things, big ideas

Big News! Introducing James St Series

Introducing the James St Series – a collection of small happenings, creative conversations, get-togethers, culinary excursions, practical workshops and artistic undertakings.

Over the coming months, our diverse community will come together to present small, interesting activities and invite the wider community to learn something new, experience something unique or just to stop and enjoy something beautiful.

Whilst major events are on hold until we can be together safely again, the James St Series will provide an alternative – a safe, small-scale way to stay connected and to appreciate the moment while adapting, growing, learning and exploring our place in a safe and innovative way.

The James St community is a multi-faceted, ever-evolving collective of resilient, creative and committed operators – an incubator of positive, like-minded individuals.

Together we choose to celebrate our community and to see our place as a mine of infinite creativity and beauty – a living ecosystem of sorts that facilitates the creation of endless connections.

James Street – not just a retail district but a place to celebrate the small things and big ideas through a series of happenings.

We are excited about where our community will take us, so join us for the James St Series HERE.

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October 1, 2020