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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

For us, winter means a few things: the temptation to go into hibernation, an excuse to shop up, and eat up, and a tangled mess of hair and skin. The latter is pretty much unavoidable, but with a little help from these 4 products, it won’t be long until people begin to think your gene pool blessed you with radiant skin and healthy locks despite any weather conditions.

Best product to protect your hair during the cold front?

Kevin Murphy’s UN.TANGLED leave in conditioner from Sublime Hairdressing will have your locks feeling luscious as anything during winter, not to mention it’s great at detangling your hair after those long, piping hot morning showers!


Best tinted moisturiser?

MAC Cosmetics Lightful C Tinted moisturiser will not only give you a healthy glow for the chillier season, but it also has an SPF 30+ element to protect you from the winter sun!



Best bronzer to give you the sun kissed look despite the imminent cold weather?

Hourglass’ ambient bronzer from Mecca Cosmetica will soon become your go-to bronzer.  Carry it in your bag at all times to always look as though you’ve just returned from a tropical holiday…


Best way to keep your body hydrated?

It’s pretty much impossible to go past the Thann Day Spa Shiso collection Body Butter when it comes to staying moisturised.  With a thick texture that soaks easily into the skin, you’ll start questioning what you ever did without it.

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May 15, 2015