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An A – Z Guide to James St

Now available: James St’s A – Z Guide.

Think of it as your alphabetised compendium of local finds, little loves and long-living gems that lie within James St.

Just like the vines which cover our exterior, this fashion, beauty, design, hotel, and hospitality community of ours is ever-growing. The fifth edition of the annual guide acts as a black book for those who call James St home.

In between the pages showcasing those who make up our community, you will find thoughtful essays penned by Brisbane connections. We asked Cameron Bruhn, David Prior, Amy Hollingsworth, Thea Basiliou and Amanda James, to explore an observation, topic, or theme they’ve been mulling over this past year. Because after the recent year…we’ve all been mulling over something. The result? An intelligent and charming collection of essays. As for the topics, you’ll have to turn the pages to find out…

Complimentary and available at participating stores, collect a copy, take it home, fold pages, makes notes and come back to us and explore.


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November 14, 2021