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A new age – introducing Aje Athletica

On your mark, get set, go, AJE ATHLETICA! A new age for the beloved Australian womenswear label, AJE ATHLETICA, is consciously sourced, performance-enhancing athletic-wear for women.

In celebration of the capsule, we chatted to Co-Founders, Creatives and Designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest about designing athletic-wear through the lens of their fashion house and more.


Heralded as a new era for Aje, how long have you been dreaming up AJE ATHLETICA?

A brilliant idea formed…and here we are. We see AJE ATHLETICA as being more than athleisure; as being a true wellness brand, a comprehensive activewear wardrobe that resonates with each individual, and their own fitness, lifestyle and wellness goals.


What was the inspiration behind the new addition to the brand?

There was an active desire to merge ethical design and performance oriented-innovation, to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in any/every form. There is an underlying combination of comfort and ease, merged with performance.


Aje has become synonymous with femininity, coastal and urban style, are these design inspirations showcased in the ATHLETICA range, or can we expect a new direction for the fashion house?

There is such magic about Aje as a brand, so our aim was to take all of our learnings and knowledge and feed that through to AJE ATHLETICA – but in its own distinct way. Through ATHLETICA we are offering consciously designed and made athletic-wear through the lens of a fashion house, through the lens of Aje.


Sustainability and ethics were on the mind when creating AJE ATHLETICA, from the 100% recycled Puffer Jacket to 70% of materials consciously-sourced – why is this so important to you?

We wanted to be really transparent about we wanted to achieve from a sustainable aspect, and 70% of elements are sustainable both from the outer and inner fabrications and techniques. Being able to inform this from the start has been not only fun, but enlightening.


A fitness wardrobe takes the wearer from leisure, lifestyle, boxing to bike riding – what’s one ATHLETICA piece that’s a must-have for every woman’s workout wardrobe?

We can’t go past the High-Rise Legging which is really the hardest working piece of all; it takes you from indoor to outdoor workouts, to off-duty or on the run style. Versatile and essential, for everybody.


Wellness and fitness celebrate setting and achieving goals – what has been your proudest career achievement?

Adrian: I think Edwina feels the same in that there has been so many over the years that stand out. This year fills us with a lot of pride, looking at our team and taking in all of their achievements, as well as our Resort 22 runway collection which we just showed in Sydney, and now with AJE ATHLETICA – about to launch this new category.


ATHLETICA, marks a new avenue of womenswear for the Aje fashion-house, where do you hope to take the label and its wearers next?

We have a very considered roadmap ahead; we’re first looking forward to launching and to keep evolving it from there.

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May 26, 2021